Aimee de Gruchy-Lambert

Aimee is running is support of EDS.
May is EDS (Elhers-Danlos Syndrome) Awareness Month and to help raise awareness, EDS UK ( ) encourages people to take part in a ‘Dazzle Walk’ – ‘choose a distance, walk it, wheel it, use whatever aids you need to get involved however you can’! She says: “I am excited to try the Blenheim 7km as my ‘Dazzle Walk’!
“EDS is a connective tissue disorder that can cause hyper-mobility, slow wound healing, issues with internal organs, widespread pain and fatigue, amongst other symptoms. I suffer from EDS myself and having personally experienced difficulties getting diagnosed, accessing information and support, I want to help others who suffer with it get better help, earlier and feel less alone.”
EDS UK works to minimise the impact of EDS by making its diagnosis, treatment and management accessible to everyone when they need it. They offer support through physical and virtual support groups, they engage with policy makers to improve awareness of the condition and help fund research projects. They help make the invisible (chronic conditions) more visible and improve people’s lives!
You can support Aimee’s fundraising by following the link: