Kieren, who works at One-Eighty is running the Blenheim 7k on 21 May for the second year.

Kieren, says:“This year I’m running the Blenheim 7k to raise money for the young people we support.

“We work with young people who are too anxious to leave their room, let alone their house, to face outside or school. We work with young people at risk of child drug or sexual exploitation who are resistant to the help of professionals. We work with children who have experienced a number of traumatic experiences such as neglect, exposure to drugs and alcohol, who sometimes even lose their loved ones due to this. These challenges leave young people struggling to manage their feelings in school which can cause outbursts, or what many of us may see as disruptive or ‘naughty’ behaviour.

“We will consistently turn up for them. We aim to give them hope for the future (maybe for the first time) and support them to get there in any way we can. We help them to understand their emotions and support them to learn strategies to manage them so they can learn how to ask for help.

“The number of young people we have got out of their room when no one else could, is too many to count. The young people now in school or education that were at risk of a life of being left behind, is too many to count. The number of young people we have supported to turn their lives around, is too many to count.”

You can select One-Eighty as a charity to support with your fundraising at the Blenheim 7k. Or to make a donation to the charity’s 10th anniversary appeal visit