Congratulations to our 2019 winners

To ALL runners who completed all three events. The winners are
7k first male: Berwyn Jones 027:27
7k first female: Lucy Millington 32:14
7k first team: Little Rollright Runners 2:20:22
4 miles first buggy male: Josh Furniss 29:43
4 mile first buggy female: Gina Napier 34:11
4 miles first wheelchair: Amelia-Rose Walton 52:57
1 mile first male: Alex Garry 5:58
1 mile first female: Allie Gannon 6:38

Special mention goes to the sheer endurance, staying power, grit and determination shown by Phoebe Gannon who doggedly slogged around 4 miles in her wheelchair and refused to give up. Taking 2.45 hours to complete to raise £500 for Diabetes UK. She is utterly utterly amazing.

Please click here to go straight to the provisional results on the Race Director site.

Thanks to everyone for coming photos and film coming up soon,