The Mulberry Bush Charity works to transform the lives of young people, and those who look after them, who have been affected by trauma, abuse and neglect.  They find themselves with severe social, emotional and mental health issues with poor life chances and at risk of repeating patterns of difficulty and trauma.

Established in 1948, as a school in Standlake, near Witney, we are celebrating 75 years of transforming the lives of these young people.  At the school, we offer 52-week care and 38-week placements, providing our children with not only an education, but we also make them feel safe, help them to recognize and understand what has happened to them, be able to talk about it and discover coping strategies that work for them.  We give them hope.

Through other evolving services, we now support not just 10’s or 100’s but 1000’s of young people who have experienced early years trauma and those who work with them.  Our Outreach team takes our expertise to train and support education, social care, and health professionals whilst our Consultancy works with leadership teams of services.  This enhances and improves their quality of service for these young people.

Your support will help us to grow as we aim to enhance the quality of care, education, and health provision for the increasing numbers of traumatised people across the UK and abroad.

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